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KELOID #2 - UNsettling


Unsettling is the second stage of a body of work titled KELOID. This work entails unstable furniture and provoking imagery.


It attempts to unsettle and un settle the sense of ownership and privilege that I inherited as my birth rite from my ancestors, being part of the settler colonialist culture.My ancestors came to Melbourne from Scotland and Ireland in 1837, arriving as a part of the British colonial project. 


My husband belonged to a tradition of resistance, being a member of the Gunditjmara, an Aboriginal tribe from the western district of Victoria, known as ‘the fighting Gunditjmara’ Les Griggs passed away in 1993, the International Year of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples, as a result of the accumulative effects of what is now known as the ‘stolen generation’. 


KELOID is a project that attempts to map these conflicting experiences, using art to broach the difficulty of confronting personal responsibility for actions taken in the past by the coloniser

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